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Take a look around Strawberry.com to find out everything you ever wanted to know about strawberries. We know and love strawberries! The strawberry is a delicious fruit and we have accumulated a lot of great information about strawberries to make it easy for you to learn more about them.

Strawberries are coming into season now in many parts of the United States, so you should be finding them readily available at your local grocery stores soon if not already. We're down in Florida and we are really getting some great strawberries right now. Florida is one of the largest strawberry producing states along with California out on the west coast.

Delicious, rich-red, sweet, yet gently tangy strawberries are among the most popular berries. These berries are native to Europe, however, nowadays cultivated in many temperate regions all over the world as an important commercial crop. Botanically, the plant is a low-growing runner (creeper) belonging to the family of Rosaceae, in the genus: Fragaria.

Scientific name: Fragaria X ananassa.

Strawberry is a small, low-lying, spreading shrub. It bears small white flowers which eventually develop into small conical, light green, immature fruits. They turn red up on maturity with each berry featuring red pulp with tiny, yellow color seeds piercing through its surface from inside. Its top end carries a green leafy cap and stem that is adorning its crown.

Each berry features conical shape, weighs about 25 grams and measures about 3 cm in diameter. The berries have the taste that varies by cultivar type, and ranges from quite sweet to acidic.

Although wild varieties are sometimes available in the market, large-scale production uses the modern "plasticulture" system. In this method, raised beds are formed each year, fumigated, and covered with plastic which prevents weed growth and crop spoiling.